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grater n : utensil with sharp perforations for shredding foods (as vegetables or cheese)

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From grate + -er.


  • a RP , /ˈgreɪtə/, /"greIt@/
  • a US , /ˈgreɪtɚ/, /"greIt@r/
  • Rhymes with: -eɪtə(r)



  1. A tool with which one grates, especially cheese, to facilitate getting small particles or shreds off a solid lump.
    I'm making coleslaw; do you know where the grater is?


A tool with which one grates

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A grater is a kitchen utensil used to grate foods into fine strips or crumbs. Several types of graters boast different sizes of grating slots, and can therefore aid in the preparation of a variety of foods. They are commonly used to grate cheese and lemon or orange peel (to create zest), and can also be used to grate other soft foods. They are commonly used in the preparation of toasted cheese, Welsh rarebit, and macaroni and cheese.
In tropical nations, graters are also used to grate coconut meat. In Jamaica, a coconut grater is used as a traditional musical instrument (along with drums, fife, and other instruments) in the performance of kumina, jonkanoo, and sometimes mento.
They are also known as shredders in Eastern America.


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cheese grater, comminutor, crusher, granulator, grinder, kominuter, levigator, masher, mill, millstone, mortar and pestle, nutmeg grater, pestle, pulverizer, quern, quernstone, rock crusher, roller, shredder, steamroller, triturator
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